Extra stain resistance and durability are a must if you have pets, and there are many brands of carpeting on the market to suit these needs. In addition, some manufacturers like Mohawk, Karastan, Dixie Home, DreamWeaver, and Pentz, all of which you'll find in our carpet store, have specifically pet-friendly collections.

Whether you have a cat or a dog, a soft surface floor covering is a good choice for many reasons. It's soft and warm, providing a comfortable place to lie down, and if your pet is an arthritic senior, they will certainly appreciate that.

Rugs also have good traction, so if you have an active animal who loves to run, they will be able to slow down when necessary, such as at corners. This minimizes the injury that vets often see when they slam into walls. Carpet also absorbs sound, which is especially good for second-story homes or apartments, or condos with neighbors close by.

Are stain and durability needs the same for dogs and cats?

Yes, because they each can tear up a rug and cause stains and odors. Both dogs and cats can have accidents, but dogs also drool, dig and cause snags, and track in dirt and mud from the outside. Cats, while usually indoor (but not always) animals think everything is their scratching post, which can certainly tear up a rug.

What to consider:

1. Fiber: Nylon is often chosen because of its ultra-strength and good stain resistance when a protectant is used. Polyester and olefin have superior stain resistance but don't have the strength of nylon.
2. Style: Cut-piles with tightly woven fibers are best. Some find dog and cat nails can get caught and snag looped constructions; others have no problems.
3. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds): Just like humans, you want to be sure your pets also enjoy good indoor air quality.

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