Waterproof flooring is available in natural and manufactured materials. Both types of floor covering materials are durable and easy to maintain. In addition to repelling water, each material resists stains, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. You can find waterproof flooring that matches your needs at Genoa Custom Interiors. Our showroom is located in Genoa, Ohio.

Natural materials

Porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles are waterproof. Both materials are made of clay. But porcelain is composed of a more refined type of clay, and it is hardened in a kiln at a higher temperature. Ceramic is very serviceable, but harder and denser porcelain is the superior material. Also, porcelain tile comes in a wider variety of styles than ceramic tile. Wood-look porcelain tile is a trendy bathroom floor covering. Natural stone is a third waterproof flooring material. Since most quarried stone is porous, a stone floor is sealed after it is installed. The floor must be resealed regularly to remain waterproof.

Man-made materials

Laminate and luxury vinyl are two high-tech materials that imitate natural materials. Planks look like hardwood, while tiles look like hardwood, stone, or ceramic. Laminate is always warm underfoot, even in the coldest climates, since it has a fiberboard core. Waterproof laminate flooring repels water for a specific amount of time. Manufacturers note this timeframe, which typically does not exceed 30 hours. In contrast, waterproof vinyl flooring tolerates standing water for long periods. Glass tiles are another flooring option. Popular mosaic tiles are two-inch or smaller squares that are fastened to a mesh backing for simplified installation.

Locally-owned Genoa Custom Interiors brings waterproof flooring to Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio, where we serve Ottawa, Lucas, Wood, Sandusky, and Erie counties. We offer services that include residential and commercial installation, design consultation, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Please take advantage of our online catalog and chat service, and then stop by our showroom in Genoa to get started on your waterproof flooring upgrade.