Let’s take a look at Berber, loop pile, and shag carpet styles

Carpet styles mean many homeowners prefer a perfect décor match, especially when fiber length and softness are considered. But it can also mean a great deal to those who prefer specific styles for their many other benefits as well, so read along to find out more about these three in particular.

Berber Carpeting Style

Berber can be a bit confusing to understand, as it has changed over the years, but it generally consists of a loop pile and can be light with darker flecks of color throughout or solid colored. It is affordable, easy to clean, and handles heavy in-house traffic with ease.

Loop pile carpet

When loops of yarn are woven through the backing material and left uncut, they are referred to as loop pile carpet. These floors can offer excellent variety, with level loops and multilevel loops for attractive appearance options.

The shag carpet style

The uneven pile of shag carpet flooring gives it a messy, textured appearance while also providing a soft, comfortable underfoot feel. Available in a wide variety of colors, these materials can create a trendy space, no matter what your requirements.

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